Module Names with Space get stored wrong

encountered an critical error after safing modules with beta31.2x64:

A space causes the patch to store only the last word of the module!

in case of Texture Transformer.v4p that means Transformer.v4p.

So the root patch doesnt find the module.


hei tek, you’re encountering undefined behavior. according to conventions.nodeandpinnaming nodenames cannot have spaces.

So a default that replaces spaces with underscores while saving could avoid this for the users who are not aware of the naming conventions?

This is broken behavior, convention or no. The system is failing to flag/prevent behavior that works until the patch is reloaded. Just like it doesn’t allow you to connect invalid pin types, it should not allow you save a patch with an invalid name.

So it is bad because 1) it is silently accepting names that WILL cause a failure, breaking the user expectation of validity checking, and 2) breaking the user expectation that an OS valid file name would work, the case of every other application I know of!

vvvv is so good about this in other areas, this really is a glaring exception.

Actually it worked with the spaces for a year until resaving with beta31.2
I am aware of the node naming conventions I just forget it from time to time which was obviously the case here. A auto-underscore could be an easy prevention, yes.

you’re absolutely right of course that this undefined behaviour is unacceptable. i was merely pointing out the reason for it for now…