Modifying JPG Strings Quickly


The patch I’ve attached creates JPG glitches using the “AsString” node and substituting single characters.
It works very nicely, but slows down quite a lot when using images larger than 320x240.
I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas how I might implement a faster version.
I can’t for the life of me think how one would do it in a shader for example. Would this be the sort of thing a plugin would do better?

(aka yiffable)

Modified JPG string - Videostream.v4p (18.5 kB)

hello, and thank you for this great patch! i have been thinking about doing this in vvvv, but i had no idea it would be so simple. once again vvvv surprises me with its elegance!

about the speed issue, i think there is probably not much to be done for the resolution dependent speed that is due to the AsString (EX9.Texture) node… but i wonder if a faster implementation of Substitute is possible:

[ JPG string - Videostream_2010.08.19-13.16.07.jpg]( JPG string - Videostream_2010.08.19-13.16.07.jpg) JPG string - Videostream_2010.08.19-13.16.07.jpg

[ JPG string - Videostream_2010.08.19-13.18.19.jpg]( JPG string - Videostream_2010.08.19-13.18.19.jpg) JPG string - Videostream_2010.08.19-13.18.19.jpg

some nice effects can be found when doing many replacements, but as you can see, it is very cpu-heavy :[