Mixing with fader


first of all…compliments!!..this is a greeeeeat job for one very spectacular software!!! very compliments!

I have a question…
…mix 2 or more patch with fader in one computer (patch)…its possible??

excused for my english!

You could link a slider(midi or gui) to the alpha of the hsl or rgb node that colours to your objects.
Is that what you mean?

I want to make vjing with file .v4… I have found hour this page!!!


it is practically this that I search but i dont know if sanch is disposed to give me the patch for mix file .v4


You could try this

catweasel - KittyLitter

its not as pretty, and the patch is messy so a bit hard to follow, also you need a pixel shader 2 gfx card, but it might give an idea how to make one yourself

If you want to mix 2 nice patches together, first get them in one patch (use SubPatches) and than I would seugest to check out the SetAlpha (color) node. Set the alpha off the patch you want to show to one, and the other to zero. Attached a patch to demontrate SetAlpha. When you have more than 2 patches to be mixed, you need to create something to set that, might wanne check Peakspread with Stalone.

Although you might can do it as well with an Transform (transform 2D or 3D) node. Than you just slide away the patch you don’t wanne see anymore. (use some filter, damper or osilator for better result).

The Sanchette and the Kittylitter are something special, you might check out the source and try and learn from them, but in the end I think you need to make it yourself…

SetAlpha Exxample.v4p (13.0 kB)

good, tnx for this special file…

I thought to the software that use for mixing… is a program openGL … you that you know much vvvv could try to make to read file .v4p to this software….task is possible!!

the software is OpenTZT

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one more…excused for my english!