Missing nodes


i have a problem with the searching feature.
If i want to create a node via doubeclick, i cannot find all nodes by just typing in the first letters.

i.e. i want to search for the camera node:

if i doubleclick and then type in came ( normally now the camera node should pop up ) there are no nodes matching!

Same with a lot of other nodes.

The strange thing about it is, that if i do a rightclick in the browser and then open transform the camera node is available and working.

Think this problem appeared since i “recracked” it because of not working freeframe nodes.

Had not found any threads in forum, so if there is already an open thread sorry for open another one.

I have beta25.1



is that only the case with modules? are any modules listed at all? what if you press m followed by a space to show only modules?

yeah your right.
seems that it only occurs with modules.


just tried typing M space to see if any modules are listied and yes 0 nodes matching.

but even typing P space to show all plugins doesent came up with any nodes.

but i think only the modules are affected cause i find plugins if i type the first letters but i cant find any modules.

just wanted to say that, maybe it might matter.

would you mind joining irc and alphatest the latest version?

would be a pleasure.