Missing nodes, no pins in others... help please

We are working in a Windows 8.1, all is okay with vvvv but we have some problems:

The lastest addon pack 32x version is properly installed but trautner node isn’t in the patch window, but it appears in the node list and like .dll in the folder of addon pack.

We are working with kinect too, and the Openni and microsoft drivers are properly installed too but the node appears in gray but without pins.

As same as happends with FirmataEncode node
what can be wrong?

Thank you.

if you have a Trautner.dll in the folder of the addonpack something is wrong. it should be here:

that sounds odd, why would you install both openni and microsoft drivers? see kinect. also you didn’t specify exactly which node is “gray but without pins”.

Hi Joreg, thanks for your fast answer.
The problem with the nodes of kinect and FIrmataDecode is solved!!
But we still have problems with Trautner, it’s not in the addon pack, it’s in the right folder


but still doesn’t appears in the patch window.


Thank you again!

u need to start with /dx9 argument
if i remeber correct

@anto /dx9 has nothing to do with that.
@Patxi7 do you have pd (puredata) installed on the same PC?