Missing Nodes in Nodebrowser

The following Scenario:

i have a Projekt with the following Folder Structure:


Only after adding that to my Main.v4p i had the Nodes from the Modules folder in the Browser.

is this different if you open the same in b34.2?

i’m not sure… and don’t think so. sadly that’s no panda-bug then.
but anyway it’s confusing and annoying me

is it possible that you don’t follow the naming conventions for the modules? not all patches would be found in \modules but only ones that look like: MyModule (Foo optionalbar).v4p

yes, i didn’t follow the conventions here… but:

when developing general purpose modules (that go to addonpack or similar) i follow the conventions. but when doing a project i don’t need to be as strict. just wnat to drop there some modules that are used in that project only.

ic. anyway the idea behind this is that you can have “normal” patches in a \modules directory that are only visible to modules. this is a feature you’d otherwise loose.

i totally see the conflict here.

is there maybe a possibility to circumvent the /modules-behaviour when the folder is not added via nodelist, but in the currentproject folder? maybe there’s a better condition to distinguish the cases…

before inventing an aditional feature here i’d rather see if it wouldn’t be trivial to just use the namingconventions… adding a " (V)" to your private modules would be enough, right?

this is ok for me. but i guess also other users will get confused by that. so any visual hint would be nice best would be a check box in the node browser config

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