Missing Nodes in Documentation

For my beginners Tut, I wanted to link every node I mention to the documentation.

I found that there is no documentation on the GROUP (GDI) node, nor any other group node.

I know this function is new for beta9 (and I think it works way better than without), but some mentioning in the doc would not hurt.

I would have made it myself, if I knew how ;)

your approach of linking to the reference pages makes absolutely sense.

even if the reference section is quite outdated and the pages seldomly contain any particular useful information, they are the natural point for adding information about the nodes. Also note that we´re still thinking of linking every mention of a node (whether in the forums or in the documentation) to these pages. As soon as we would succeed doing this, the Backlinks section on the reference pages would work nicely as an index of all pages documenting that node.

You´re absolutely right about the missing Group nodes in the documentation - the DX9 tutorials for example absolutely need to be reworked. For your tutorial i´d suggest that you should just assume the reference page would exist, and link to them. hopefully one day they will.