Missing Nodes from vl.OpenAI

I am a VVVV beginner. I downloaded this node on my device:

in the Help patch “Example Chatbot” the nodes “Complaitions” and “Text” are missing.
i installed the nuget on other devices where they work. I noticed that there are several nodes missing on my device. I tried to reinstall it several times the node itself but also vvvv gamma 5.2 . and I also moved the folder from my other device where it works to my laptop. and it still misses the same nodes.

can anybody help me make that nuget work on my laptop?
Thank you

just tagging @sebl here, who made this nuget, to make sure he sees this.

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hmkay… seems that those nodes are not forwarded.

anyway, the underying library got many updates since that nuget was made.
i suggest to use the lib directly. The last time i checked, it was quite straight forward to just patch the examples given from the lib.

Might be worth to have a look at this fork, which seems a bit more active and recent: GitHub - RageAgainstThePixel/OpenAI-DotNet: A Non-Official OpenAI RESTful API Client for DotNet