Missing helppatches

more than 8 years of vvvv now and still no time to make helppatches?

What about that helppatch contest from NODE08 anyway?
that was when beta16 was released…

I don’t see a chance anymore that the devvvvs will find the time to do that.
Anyway: who will accuse them while they are so busy to develop tremendous new stuff and features.
Beta26 btw. looks/feels terrific at a first glance.
I bow in adoration to all people involved in this new version.

Let’s start a list here with all nodes that currently have no helppatch.
Maybe this time we can improve the situation for the next release.
Or maybe inbetween an addonpack with those missing helppatches only.

when contributing a helppatch please make sure to follow the conventions.helppatch

Nodelist (VVVV)

hey @kalle)), we don’t have sticky threads at the moment. I’ll talk to ((user:joreg what he thinks.

Polar (2d) and Cartesian (2d). If you know how the use the node, why not post a helpfile ;)

@Devs, the more helpfiles nodes have, the better you can learn how use them.

Polar (2d) help.v4p (17.0 kB)
Cartesian (2d) help.v4p (15.1 kB)

improved help patch for Clamp(3d)

Clamp (3d) help.v4p (21.5 kB)

Found this: http://legacy.vvvv.org/tiki-index.php?page=helppatchaward

Seems like most of the patches @Kalle contributed are not in the current release.

I like to add to the request list:
RelativePath (File)
AbsolutePath (File)

it could be help patch for either Rotate (Quaternion Vector) and Euler (Quaternion Set)

Rotate (Quaternion Vector) help.v4p (19.1 kB)

Octonion help patch is already in the addonpack but I can’t get the node <–> help patch association working.

Multiply (Octonion) help.v4p (32.0 kB)

the help patches for these are to be found attached:

@fibo: nodes need to be named “Multiply”, “Divide”, “Add”, “Substract” and vvvv will change those names to the respective symbols for display. like that helppatches are being found. i fixed that for your nodes and one of vux and one 2 of woeis.

also all other helppatches (with some modifications) from above have been commited to the repo and will therefore ship with betas>26

In case someone could need these…
They should work with both x86 and x64 vvvversions.
I guess it’s possible to do this through Git, so please excuse me.

PatchAlias (VVVV ActivePatch) help (8.0 kB)
PatchAlias (VVVV Name) help (6.4 kB)

My first helppatch, for sure something is wrong.

BezierPatch (DX11.Geometry 3d) help.v4p (29.2 kB)

as discussed here on Win7 Touch (Device Window) only detects touch-down-events immediately when Mode is set to ‘WantPalm’.

As i heard from some users that they had the same problem, this little but helpful information should be part of the help patch!

see attached.

Touch (Devices Window) help.v4p (14.5 kB)

its not a perfect help patch but better than none.Moon (Astronomy) help.v4p (24.5 KB)