Mirror mirror

helo again,
it would be nice to have the “girlpower mirror” on an
artk+ marker. i tried, but i have problems to comprehend
how to get the camera always in the right position.

perhaps somebody can give me a lesson?

the file… no text …

mirror.zip (109.1 kB)

ok. mirror on a marker is working.
but not able to understand how to get artoolkit matrix really
connected to the PerxpectiveLookAtRect.
to much transformations…

the quaternion rotation is not really easy to use in this case as well.

mirror_working.zip (109.2 kB)

sorry for posting a lot and asking.

the problem i cannot solve is basic:

i don’t understand how to split a transform 3D
to put the splitted values in the PerspectiveLookAtRect

to get the right position of this all.

interectioncursor_better_mirror.zip (77.3 kB)