Minimum Graphics Card Requirement for vl.stride?

I have been trying the gamma preview on my (really old) laptop and on opening a stride help patch, there did not appear a stride window (tested on another pc it worked perfectly). I guess, the graphics card is just too old (NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M)?

Thanks in advance!

the 540m shouldn’t be to old, any card that supports DirectX 11 should work… are your drivers up to date? is there any error message?

can you make a new patch and only create a RenderWindow node?

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Thank you very much!
Yes, I think it is a driver issue. After uninstalling the graphics cards drivers, I am currently trying to get any driver version running, but that might take a while…

When I get it running again, I will try to open a patch only with a renderer. :-)

Great, now it works!
Thanks a lot!

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