miniDP to TH2go DP edition, Windows 7 64x on PC

can anyone confirm miniDP to TH2go DP edition on windows 7 64? and running vvvv 30.2 x86 or 30.2 x64?

my machien has one thunderbolt output and a HDMI, no analogue out, narrows down my options for external displays.

any advice on specific adaptors also welcome.

No optimus on the graphic cards, it is an SLI setup.

today I tried miniDP to DVI adaptor, DVI to VGA cable to VGA in for a Beamer did not work. no signal at all.

but in a few days I am trying both VGA and DVI adaptors with TH2Go DP edition.

VGA - Ligawo ® Displayport zu VGA Adapter - Thunderbolt kompatibel


DVI - SAPPHIRE Active DisplayPort (M) to Single-Link DVI (F) Kabel

I am aware TH2go takes one USB port, seems to be only for powering the box.

I am thinking it makes sense to combine multiple textures wiht cons. texture to fullscreen quad by spreading their x displacemnt and have it full screen across the beamers.

p.s. thnx dvj_jenda for the tip about installing just the driver, not powerdesk, and other for the confirmations.

what other things to be determined?


the DP edition worked for me in win7-64 on a 2011 mbp with bootcamp and ati card , using 3 dp2vga dongles.
1 lowest resolution was 3x1280x1024 (why not 1024x768?)
2 can someone clarify in which order one has to:

  • move renderer onto matrox display
  • change resolution to smth different than asdesktop
  • change resolution to the desired martox width
  • toggle fullscreen ?
    …it always was a thing i tried several times for each time it went fullscreen

@mdp2dvi in bootcamp: unless you use a dual dvi connection and unless it is not the one from apple, it wont work. i am quoting an older thread here