Midiyoke and Me

Hi guys,

I know that this has been kinda covered, but I’ve been trying to send signals into “midinote” through midiyoke because I haven’t got a midi interface for my keyboard at the mo. its enabled and sees the midiyoke inputs, but when I look at the “output” and the “ondata” pins nothing comes out. I checked out the midi tester and I’m having absolutely no fun there either.

I would consider using OSC-glue through a sequencer or something if its a more reliable workaround but it looks pretty complicated and I would just like to get this working first. Any tips on what the usual problems are?



Just tried out Tonfilm’s MidiNoteOut and I’m finally getting something. I’ll keep experimenting and see if I can make progress, but your tips would still be handy!


hi… be aware when playing with Midi Controller that Kalles has some modules aroud to send the proper data ( Midi Controller doesn t work, you are obliged to generate a signal CC). see his BCF2000 set ;-)


here i want to praise my modules; to be found at kalle.Modules.MIDI

maybe useful, maybe valuable for didactic reasons.


With all these patches, your really spoiling us! Thanks Kalle!

I worry that I won’t learn as much as if I tried it myself, but it would’ve turned out a terrible mess.


well, kalle is someone incredible.
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btw: where are you located, Hannah?!? :)

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