MidiSysexOutput problem

O hai,

I just tried to use the MidiSysexOutput node and can’t seem to make it do anything.

I can happily use Bomes SendSX program to send Sysex to my Korg padKontrol, I simply select the “padKontrol CTRL” port and type in my hex code, “F0 42 40 6E 08 00 00 00 F7” and hit send and it does it’s business.

In vvvv, I enter “F0 42 40 6E 08 00 00 00 F7” into node, turn it on, select the korg and hit send and nothing happens.

Any idea’s what I am doing wrong?


the string “F0 42 40 6E 08 00 00 00 F7” is just a way to write the sysex command in a more human readable way, as it is not easily typeable on a normal keyboard.
In a similar way you would write “76 76 76 76” to represent the string “vvvv” (which happens to be very easily typable)

see http://www.asciitable.com for some more information.

You will probably like to have a reverse function of the Byte node, but its still missing in vvvv.

Best is converting the hexadecimal digits into a spread decimal numbers (use the above table or a calculator; some users also posted modules for this). Then use SpellValue in ascii mode an + (String Spectral) to convert it into the binary string.

Mmm, h’okay, that spells it out very clearly, thank you.
I have had a root about and found the change background color patch seems to have some kind of Hex to Decimal thing going on, perhaps I can adapt that. I will be busy with this tomorrow.

I have made a MidiSysexSend module with a help file.
Seems to work OK!

MidiSysexSenderModule.zip (4.7 kB)