MidiSysexOutput bug - no output since 45alpha29.1 (x64)


It’s seems I found a bug. Please help me cause i want to develop old synth control panel and its impossible without sysex output.

New vvvv x64 versions cant output system exclusive messages, but can receive it. Somewhat was changed in between 13-Jan-2013 18:54 and 13-Jan-2013 19:14

Attached very simple test patch for testing (continuously outputs F0 F7 in sysex format)

I have 2 PCs and hardware USB-midi devices with LEDs, MIDIOX, so I can watch MIDI realtime status and test virtual/hardware routes.

Tested versions (Only x64 versions but I remember x86 outputs nothing in new builds)
Also some newer x86 builds with the same output bug can send some crap (instead of normal sysex message) to MidiYoke virtual driver but outputs nothing to real midi devices.

OK (sysex Output OK)

vvvv_45alpha29_x64-develop-159f921cd9478faf626114099e4ed75883de4aa8.zip	29-Dec-2012 22:36	 19M	 
vvvv_45alpha29_x64-develop-b0f911f15faa3bf43761f5fcf0e2891771a8b231.zip	04-Jan-2013 20:13	 19M	 
vvvv_45alpha29_x64-develop-446db1a53cbc0d39930c5606e4d7e6b0b2c10540.zip	07-Jan-2013 02:52	 19M	
vvvv_45alpha29_x64-develop-0ca8077254c20b5f8c4396ed67cdabfa502bd00a.zip	07-Jan-2013 11:29	 20M	
vvvv_45alpha29_x64-develop-0ccf66d4771d922943a92077727d52dd13b02ea6.zip	09-Jan-2013 01:38	 20M	
vvvv_45alpha29.1_x64-develop-5a2d7d22d9495495934f351d8755fdadb0181f4e.zip	13-Jan-2013 02:31	 20M	 
vvvv_45alpha29.1_x64-develop-1b75adce368c57471cfd2505f990dadd1a1553c5.zip	13-Jan-2013 18:54	 20M	 

<<<NO output!!!!!! only input>>>

vvvv_45alpha29.1_x64-develop-271cd7b5ff3a64f643cc5d74e91b141f3f4061f7.zip	13-Jan-2013 19:14	 20M	
vvvv_45alpha29.6_x64-develop-a89137461f4da694d534b98e40c26cb0f61c3358.zip	22-May-2013 19:52	 19M
vvvv_45alpha30.1_x64-develop-673c4aba6b9a67a1136fcb26f24dbf3879b7805a.zip	27-May-2013 23:59	 19M
vvvv_45alpha30.1_x64-develop-efa11d20467534e5efb7ed002cb7260fc1ee66d0 		28-May-2013 14:38	 19M	
vvvv_45alpha30.1_x64-develop-94e2a7ed723dc7df422363f42d3afa35ce203d74 		28-May-2013 19:14	 19M
latest daily

Output disable hole there:

YES -> NO 
13-Jan-2013 18:54 -> 13-Jan-2013 19:14
1b75adce368c57471cfd2505f990dadd1a1553c5 -> 271cd7b5ff3a64f643cc5d74e91b141f3f4061f7
VVVV 45alpha29.1 built on 13.01.2013 21:50:06 -> VVVV 45alpha29.1 built on 13.01.2013 22:08:36

aha, indeed. can you please check lastest alpha for both 32 and 64 bit and report if that now works for you?

Many thanks!
Very speedy fix, latest builds can send syx.

vvvv 45alpha30.1 - 41ebf0672e - OK
30/05/2013 23:24 (32 BIT)
vvvv 45alpha30.1 - 41ebf0672e - OK
30/05/2013 23:14 (64 BIT)

older builds

vvvv 45alpha30.1 - 94e2a7ed72 - No output
28/05/2013 19:25
vvvv 45alpha30.1 - efa11d2046 - No output
28/05/2013 14:48
vvvv 45alpha30.1 - 94e2a7ed72 - No output
28/05/2013 19:14
vvvv 45alpha30.1 - efa11d2046 - No output
28/05/2013 14:38