MidiShortOutput + Note off

Hello all

Have been playing around with Midi, trying to create a patch that let me specify which note to play, and for how long. I.E how long before the note off message is sent.

Is there some kind of built in ‘note off’ functionality in the MidiShortOut? It seems like there is but I don’t understand it.

If you’ve installed the addon pack you should have two MidiNoteOuts. One is in modules/vvvv group/devices, other is in modules/tonfilms/ (BTW Thanks to vvvv group and Tonfilm)

Tonfilms gives different functionality but I don’t get how.
It is designed to work by toggling notes rather than a bang, but ultimately sends the bang via a ‘change’ node so it dosen’t see a difference between toggle on and toggle off. It also only sends message 144 (+15 for different channels) which is the note on message. It never sends the note off messages (128 + 15), yet notes go on and off when you toggle the input.

I’ve made a sample patch to demonstrate.

The top is directly connected to MidiShortOut, bang it a few times and you’ll hear that notes ‘stack up’ on top of each other. (its the same with the vvvv group node)

The bottom is Tonfilms MidiNoteOut, toggle it on and off and you’ll hear the note come on and off. If you open up the patch you’ll see some stuff to make sure correct values are used and spreads are performed correctly, but nothing to send the note off messages when play is toggled off.

I don’t get it! I’m probably missing something obvious.

Any help appreciated - Derformer

MidiTest.v4p (14.4 kB)

send a NoteOn with velocity =0

will be interpreted as NoteOff

Ah of course! So simple

Thanks Kalle