Midishort channelselection missing - Vaudio VSThost

Regarding Vaudio VSTsynth example. It is using Midishort. Midishort node has no channel selection. Could not manage to patch a workaround using normal MidiIn. VSTHost doesnt take spreads. So I tried queuing the midi massages but that did not give the expected result.

Does any workaround to use multiple channels with VSThost exist?

Happy new year :)

hi tekcor, midi handling will change in the next version. so i hope you can give it some patience for now.

the value based midi connections will be replaced by a connection which will transport events which are not tied to the vvvv mainloop, very similar to the new mouse and keyboard nodes.

midi short outputs the raw midi data which has the channel number encoded within the bytes. the plugin will decoded it correctly. only problem is spreading, right…