MidiShort and MidiBend work fine while MidiNote and MidiController don't

Win7 64bit - midair usb midi 1IN 1OUT.

I’m experiencing this strange thing. As stated in subject, it seams nothing is seen by MidiNote and MidiController modules, but everything works fine with MidiShort and MidiBend. MidiOX shows correct midi transfer but I cannot keep it running or neither MidiShort and MidiBend will work. Any Idea please? I searched on the forum but I couldn’t find any clue.

just to make sure: did you check with these instructions?

Yes, but I am a noob on vvvv (45beta 33.7 x64 - last rel.), and in some of those examples some nodes don’t produce any effect.
Specifically all MidiNote and MidiController nodes in all examples seem not to run their task, while I can see activity on both MidiShort and MidiBend nodes.

Merci beaucoup pour tout ca !

I think you have to be more specific when you say “nothing is seen by…”. What are you sending or looking to use in vvvv? Midi-notes? CCs? Program Changes? Pitch-Bend? You know they are all different things and have different nodes for a reason.

MidiNote works just fine. It just needs you to input the channel and notes in a certain format, which I am sure you have not if you say it doesn’t work.

Give us the patch you are working on to have a look or be more specific please ;) There is too many variables where you could have gotten wrong. I have used the midi nodes a LOT and I know it can be a little confusing in the beginning, but once it works it really works!

PS: You can press F1 when selecting any node and it will open a help patch that shows you how it works ;)

Thank you. Indeed I must say I have to look more into MidiNote node before jumping to conclusions. There’s an example that proves I’m wrong that is 06_VisualizingMidi. Now I know that the node is working. Sorry.