MidiOut almost impossible with beta29

Hi guys! I’m updating some stuff from 28.1, and the Midi output seems really buggy! this is what I got:

This patch made in 28.1 set some knobs and buttons in my APC40
Opening it with beta29 and trying to send a midi signal (from MidiShortOutput (Devices), MidiControllerOut (Devices) or MidiNoteOut (Devices) ) I have the same message on TTY render:

event.call: error occured in TMMidiShortOutputNode: (Short Msg) The specified device handle is invalid.

(and the signal does’t reach the controller.)
Then, creating the same patch from zero in beta29 (instead to open the one did in 28.1) , MidiControllerOut (Devices) works well, but the other two still shows the same problem


thanks for pointing that one out. please test with latest alpha and report.

Yes it works, Thanks!
When the Beta29.1?

beta29.1 will be just in time for node13.

nice, it now works on win8 64bit w alpha29.1 32bit :)

Hey little problem still there, perhaps not!

I mean, everything works well but the MidiNoteOut.
But I’m not sure if is strange or not… Surely, is changed from the beta28

Previously, with Beta28:
I used MidiNoteOut to turn on/off the light on my apc40. Bang on the “DoSend” inlet for setting the light

beta 29.2 (x86):
the inlet now is called “Play” and works if I keep “1”. When the play value is “0” the apc40 light shut down
This mean I need to use a Toggle always setted to TRUE in order to have the light on

hello luper, there are two midinote out modules now, you are probably looking for the other one with ‘Bang’ in the name. and always read the devvvv blog: midi-output-modules-cleanup