MIDINoteOut Tonfilm note off help

Hi, very new to VVVV but enjoying it…
Been working on a uni project for a couple of months now, using sensors from arduino to manipulate audio… so close to getting things wrapped up and focusing on the sound design - now I encounter the problem…
I’m using the tonfilm midi note out node and all is well except for the fact that if the spread of notes is changed while the note is playing, the note off messages will not be sent and the last notes continue to play.
it’s because I’m not using a keyboard, or numerous inputs but having one sensor play the note and another switch spreads. That makes sense right?
I’ve looked through the forums and learned that he note off message is just 0 velocuity… and guess that the tonfilm node is pretty similar to the standard node, with the inclussion of some toggle edge and monoflop… still can’t work out the solution to the problem though… thought about preventing note change/sperad change while note is playing - similar to an if statement, or maybe using a buffer of sorts - but honestly i’m new to VVVV and don’t know how to implement that… is there an even simpler solution that I’m overlooking?
Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated!

sample patch
try this also might help you

Edirol-V4 (Devices MIDI) help.v4p (33.3 kB)
Edirol-V4 (Devices MIDI).v4p (57.9 kB)

Hey antokhio,
I’ve just woken up to your message… thanks a lot for the reply!
Ok so I’ve spent a little time trying to make sense of the patches that you posted… am I right in thinking this patch allows support for the edirol V-4 controller?
I’ve plenty experience with music production but as I said before I’m really quite new to VVVV… monitoring my DAW I can see that banging Trans A and B from the help patch is mirrored in the other patch and sent to my selected MIDI device… It feels a little like this is a patch for MIDI controller data? so I could control synth or host parameters? Am I right in thinking that? I’m trying to understand your patch and it would be great if you could give me a little more info on the purpose of the program as it’s hard for me to follow…
I’m trying to send notes and suggested something about a buffer… I notice this BPM section contains a queue, is this an elemnt that I should focus on and try to integrate into my patch? Also what is the purpose of the BPM section in this patch?
Thanks again for the reply, I have to leave and pick up some parts now, so I’ll be back in the afternoon…

Just googled the v4 - VJ mixer I see, Trans A and B are for mixing the videos some kind of transfer time… ok so this patch sends control data to the V4? I’m not sure anwyas, I really have to go, I’ll look more when I get back… Thanks!

hi m8, can’t help you much since i wrote that like 2 years ago, and first version was much bigger, then i founded out how to use spread stuff.

Hey, yer no worries mate, I appreciate the patch! Just got back so I’ll have another look in a sec, got a bit of road map to work from, so I’ll keep tinkering…
Thanks for the help…

hello, i think the trick is to always have a spread of 128 notes and just set the ones you want to play to 1. see patch for an idea how to do it:

midi_note_spreads.v4p (5.7 kB)

Hey Tonfilm, yer that’s exaactly it! working on finishing up now… Thanks so much… To both you guys, you’ve got a good community here!