Midi Time Code

Im reaserching into getting SMPTE timecode into vvvv and was experimenting with the MidiTimeCode (Devices) and Midi-OX. Odly whenever i start sending midi timecode internally from Midi-ox via LoopBe to vvvv i keep getting a fixed value of 55.20000s. Midioox seems to be behaving proppery and i am able to send midi clock and receive it well via my RemoteZero but cant seem to get the MTC to behave proppery. Any ideas anyone?

dont mix up midi clock and midi time code. as far as i know the nodes work properly. i’v seen the TimeCode node running without problems for hours at one of my last projects…

Hi tonfilm, yeah, i was only using the clock node to make sure i was geting midi in as i can generate clock externally but have no devices to generate MTC externally. Im sure it must be an internal thing with midi-ox. Ill see if i can get myhands on some MTC toys soon :-)