Midi through vvvv

hi there.

i’d like to damp the midi output which i get from my uc-33 in vvvv for having smoother control possibilities in resolume. the problem is the output, which i tried to realize with the MidiShortOutput node, sending to a MidiYoke channel, but it didn’t work yet. i also got MidiOx installed, which i think can handle such things, but i don’t know how - perhaps someone can help? :)


midi_through.v4p (5.5 kB)

just use the MidiControllerOut module. have a look inside, how to create midi messages. however, this module is inconsistant to the MidiInput node, midi channel is from 1 to 16 not 0 to 15, i haven’t tested if the controller number and the value is correct…

one more thing, your messages will be processed with a maximum of 120fps (30 if vvvv is in background) in some cases this can be to slow. if you just want to process midi data set the max fps with the MainLoop node to something like 500…

Thanks for the help, works perfectly with the MidiControllerOut!