Midi rescan devices?

i m loosing sometimes my nanokey, not due to vvvv reason.
is there any procedure to keep patchs running and rescan enums of midishort ?

I have made my setup with two instances of vvvv, one communicating with the nano kontrol and the other doing visuals. they communicat via udp.

this way I can restart the midi patch without loosing the main patch if this happen.

but if you haven’t already, get a new midi cable for the nanokontrol, the one that comes with it is really bad.

and if you wait for I think not too long your problems might be solved.


hi sunep, thanks for your suggestion. no i m loosing from windows because of physical usb port. something bad… doing it also with my uc33.

would be better if we have a rescan devices option ( devvvs ?)

I asked this 5 years ago!! (proof: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/1123

Thnx for the suggestion Sunep.

we agree, this is really missing !

you were lining this: http://legacy.vvvv.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?topics_offset=1&forumId=7&comments_parentId=9111

This is gonna come fairly soon, Sunep tried a bit of bit ;)

@vux, you mean its on the way vux ? because i can add a plug in with midishare if needed

finally: use VL for your midi-needs to solve this problem and get many more advantages, see: