MIDI reconnect

HI Devs

I have a Korg nanoKontrol and is really happy with it, mainly because it is super cheap. the most annoying thing about it is that it loose the connection very easy.

I have gotten around the issue that if a midi device is disconnected and then reconnected when using one of the MIDI nodes, I need to restart vvvv.

So I would like to put forward the feature request that the standard midi nodes could reconnect to the midi interfaces, if they are disconnected and reconnected while vvvv is running.


(I know vux is working on the ultimate midimapper but sometimes a simple node is all that is needed, and then it would be great if they were robust)

get yourself better cables or bend the pins on the plug of your device.
a device connecting and reconnecting permanently cannot considered to be normal.

it is not happening frequently, I have actually only experienced it once when performing, but in the average setting for my performances, it is not unthinkable that someone might disconnect it by accident.

I know others have experienced it too, and not only with the nanoKontrol

I read some users have 2 instances off vvvv running, just because of this, so just use one for for the midi, and send that over to your main patch. (can’t find a source on how to do that).

Hope some day we have a way to add USB devices on running patches.


I am currently using multiple instances of vvvv to overcome this problem, but it means more load when running two instances of vvvv as opposed to running a single instance, even when the “midi” instance is very low on cpu usage.

and this also have the added benefit that it is really easy to broadcast the midi info to more than one machine.

vux told me he was working on a midi hotplug solution!
lets hope he’ll tell us more soon.
take care

Midishare is a real good lib.

I think those are the best solutions at the moment, vux’s WIP beauty and running multiple instances. From what I understand it’s a pretty bitchy problem and mr. vux ran into a few issues with it. Ableton, Reason and most other programs I’ve used are unable to provide this feature (it’s pretty devastating if my keyboard gets unplugged from Live while I’m playing). I’m trying to remember if Max/MSP is able to do this… I don’t think it is though.

Sorry but this not really a problem to reconnect a midi device on the fly… Question only of code and library. Vux if you are around i m using midishare in whitecat and is really easy

ah ok. midishare’s been around since '89 as well? wow.

Yeah but it really rocks. I mean this is a great lib

openframeworks uses RtMidi, it can do hotplugging too afaik…

@Lightmare: Reconnect feature was pretty straightforward really, you can register for a system event when usb is unplugged/plugged, so rescan/update device status.

More bitchy part is when you have the same device twice (since you need to index them). Not even that hard to code really, only problem being I don’t have two of the same device, so this makes it quite hard to test ;)

@karistouf: I’m just using the midi c# wrapper from stanford, works like a charm really :)

And yeah should have a beta version quite soon, still need to sort out a few bits and bobs

ok so i dont open midishare on c sharp.
about two devices being the same: usually windows adding id (1) or (2) in device name automatically so they should be considered as two different devices without troubles

for the nano control, the one that i used its disconnects all the time, the nanokontrol and the nanopadp. I would recommend to solder the usb wires to the board.

finally: use VL for your midi-needs to solve this problem and get many more advantages, see: