MIDI - Receiving Sysex

I have just picked up a Korg padKontrol.
The pads are very nice for sending bang’s with a value and the xy pad is great for all sorts, especially scratching video.

When I change banks on it it sends out a sysex thing which I can see using Midi-Ox, but I can’t find a way to make vvvv recieve it.

I’ve been fiddling with the MidiProgram node and can’t get anything out of it.

Maybe I should be using Midi-Ox to remap the sysex to a note or cc?

indeed there seems to be no node for receiving sysex data.
so remapping seems recommended.

i don’t know midiox very well but GlovePIE should also be able to do this.

Midi-Ox cannot remap Sysex data unfortunately.
However I am successfully using Bomes Midi Translator.


It is postcardware, send the author a postcard for an unlock key.

It works very nicely and is very easy and fast to setup.

I also received the idea of making a PD patch.
I havn’t ever made anything with PD before, so this will be a nice little first project…when I get the time.

On your suggestion I also tried GlovePIE.
For some reason it does not detect the padKontrols midi drivers.
Perhaps I am not using it correctly.
Anyway Bomes Midi Translator is perfect.

vvvv beta 22 will have MidiSysex (Devices) to receive midi system exclusive messages.