Midi preset


Anyone know how to keep a preset for a midi?Every time I open a patch with midi controls, all controls start with zero, and it is hard to find the last sessions’s values. How can I save the one(or few) presets that when i open the patch, all controls will follow on open?
…Hop my question is clear.


You have to write data in a txt file and on open read that text file

Use write node and read node. See my launchpad contribution (despite its very basic) to see how to do it (btw there is surely plenty of better patch doing it )

Thanks for the advice and launchpad patch.
I tried to figure out how to connect the writer and reader, but couldn’t understand how it works(i’m not expert vvvv). I attached my test here, i guess it should be more complex.

test for midi preset (29.0 kB)

The nano doesn’t use any feedback, so no need for the MidiOutput (I think)

Hope My attached patch is a bit what you want.

Slide in some settings and press the save button, next you can load these settings. Any fader/button movement on the Kontrol will override the saved settings. (or something)

Save the patch before you save a textfile.

Preset Save and Recal (16.4 kB)

Thanks West, you are my master(your tutorials really speed up my understanding and passion for vvvv, also the nano midi patches).
I got now the idea of write and read, but still, it is not clear how to connect the input & output IOboxes with the values to the midi nodes of the nano’s splited 4 scenes and each of 9 channels.

Midi preset (35.6 kB)

Thnx for the roses :)

Still not sure what you are after, but an idea could be, if you change scene, you load a new, different Textfile for that scene preset and save the old/current one?

I’ll try to make it more clear:
1.How can i gather all the splited 9 IOboxes(which come out from “Split Output Data To Seperate Sliders” node and has the values i want to keep)into one big IObox, like you had on top?
2. How to connect the IObox(loaded with the values) back into the “MidiController” node, that i can begin with these values as starting point(instead of zeros) and then continue to play and adjust.

You can use the Cons (spreads) to Concentrate all values to 1 big IObox, use herr inspector to change the input count for that node. And use Stallone (spreads) to reverse that process.

Since the Nano does not have cool automated faders (like a BCF2000), you can not ´send´ values back. So you switch between the saved and the real values. The way I showed is doing the switching by last changed, but if you want you can make more complex rules.


great stuff… , thanks , think i begin to understand how to approach it.
There is the brilliant svvvvitcher patch by tonfilm that has cool preset system that works perfectly. I wanted something like this in small, but it seems quiet complex to make it.
It will take me a while to learn these links and build something.
Thanks for support, that really helps. vvvv is such a mad software.

this migh be related, i dont remember who made it, but its my best friend with any unknown midi device

midi test file (9.0 kB)

West, thanks. I managed to use your patch as base for creating presets, i didn’t guess i could make it easily, but it works! i just couldn’t find good way to call the 10 string presets( i used getslice, mod, frac and iobox -but it is quiet clumsy, wanted to connect it to keymatch, but didn’t know how).
Anyway, its a great jump forward, toward the show in LPM minsk. Thanks a lot.