Midi performance

Hi all

I have been using the MidiController (Devices) for some time now. I have experienced that it has a lot of overhead. when performing using only one laptop running my visuals I can get 30fps, but when I move the midi control to another computer and control it via UDP I can get 60fps.

is there some hidden way of optimizing the midi performance in terms of CPU load besides just listening to the controllers you use?


setting Buffer Length to 1 or even 0 perhaps??

Hi Kalle

it is not the latency, I have set the buffer length to 0. The problem is that it has quite high CPU consumption and just listening to MIDI should not do that, at least not as my nunderstanding of MIDI is.

so ?

May it be the 7bit to floating point conversion that it is making?
If you move the Midi nodes to another computer then the conversion is made on that computer.

Yes, I ahve already moved the whole midi thing to another computer and it is working brilliant… but I would like to be able to rund the midi input on the same computer as the graphical patch so I don’t have to carry two computers with me.

In a lot of other software, midi seems like it is not requiring any significant amount of CPU. even if you are using a lot of controllers.

Oh, I just realized that one reason it might be consuming significant CPU could be that I run the midi patch in a separate process in so I can reconnect if the connection to the midi controller is lost (which happen from time to time with my crappy controller). Running a whole instance of vvvv next to the graphics instance might be the reason.

perhaps it would be possible to have the midi nodes rediscover when a midi device is disconnected and then connected again so it could be run in the same process as the main patch.


is your midi device by any chance connected via usb? (and also usb-powered)

if so, i’d try a wall-wart psu to power the device. this has helped me on various occasions/devices. (m-audio triggerfinger comes to mind… ^^)
even better in my experience is also connecting midi devices by a “real” (instead of usb-midi built into most devices) midicable to a midi interface (could even be onboard crap) as the midi protocol is stateless afaik. so there’ll be no problems even on physical reconnects.