Midi out, problem with LoopBe1 Driver

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I’m trying to send midi data from vvvv to Ableton Live, and i’m using the MidiShortOut node and the LoopBe1 Midi driver.

It started to go well on vvvv for several minutes, I did some bang send via the MidiShortOut node and ableton was receiving midi data, the little yellow box was flickering on the upper right corner ( I did not manage to map anything yet though, Ableton did not recognize any usable data in the midi message)

anyway my main problem is that after a while, the midiShortOut started to get red each time I was sending anything through it, and I think it has something to with the LoopBe1 driver because if I change it back to the microsoft Wavetable in the inspektor, it doesn’t get red while sending.

Does anyone know what possibly go wrong with this setup ? maybe there is more reliable way to send midi data from vvvv to Ableton (LoopBe1 seemed to be reliable in this case at the beginning but something did go wrong for some reason…) ?

I’ve run into problems with midi and ableton this week, it didn’t go red but ableton stopped receiving midi, I traced it to a midi feedback problem, I’ve swapped to loopmidi and that seems to work much better…


thanks for your help !

I tried loopMidi (uninstalled loopBe1) but still, the MidiShortOut turns Red whenever I Bang the DoSend pin.

I simplified the patch a lot, just to send “1” in MidiShortOut message, turned off ableton, and still, Whenever I bang the DoSend, The midiShortOut turns red for several seconds and then turn back grey.
In loopMidi GUI, I created several ports, but none seems to carry data while the DoSend is active.

the problem seems to be within vvvv and the midi driver, but i’m quite new to midi so I don’t know where I should start to look for the problem, Do you have an idea ?

Given you still have the issue with other midi loops this probably isn’t related but just in case:

I’ve had issues when sending midi time code with loopbe1 and loopbe30, that was related to sending too much data in too short a time and activating loopbe’s feedback protection. You need to enable the loopbe systray icon to be able to reset it.

More info here

Hi !

thanks for your help,

After working around for an hour around MIDI, I realised that what I was trying to do (controlling clips triggering, effects sliders/parameters an so on in Live) was also doable using OSC Sender from vvvv and OSC receiver in M4L, So right now I’m on it, but I’ll keep MIDI workaround also, so I’ll try your solution out soon and give feedback.
thanks !