Midi notes to MaxMsp over OSC

Does anyone have an example of sending midi notes, including chords, in to Max via OSC?

hi, i did this once.
still needs some finetuning in the max4live patch. was one of my first m4l devices…

you just send pitch, velocity and duration. rest is handled in m4l.

MidiOSC_vvvv2max.rar (3.8 kB)

Hey thanks, I was actually reading your post on the max forums from yesteryear…

I’m using notes generated on the fly so I won’t know the durations until after they are played.

Using the noteout object in M4L seems to work, but I’m running in to problems with polyphony.

Probably I should post on the cycling 74 forum as it’s more a max question, just thought I would check here as the service is so good :)

So I figured it out. I was sending spreads of notes from vvvv, and these needed to be serialised. Could have done this on the vvvv side, but in max ‘zl queue’ did the job nicely.