Midi Note


I have another quick question.

My Dm2 outputs midinote on off data far too quickly…a little like this 0101010101010 heh he.

So it’s a little hit and miss even with toggle switch to get a constant on…then off. Is there some thing I can do about it? Or would I be better off using MidiOx or Bomes to deal with that end of things?

Hmmm, maybe the S&H node?

Thanks in advance


intuitively i think you should know about MonoFlop - but i dont get the scenario you are decribing completely. can you provide a patch? or try to restate the problem?

Yes sorry.

Ok, the Dm2 has some dodgy contact switch buttons on it, so hitting one just once produces a string of 0101010’s or 1010101’s on the output pin depending on the state of the button, and I only want to “capture” the first 0 or 1. So rather than tonfilms delay button push approach I kinda need the opposite.

The patch is rather big and specifically for the dm2. But for instance I have a midinote output to toggle input to the clear pin on the renderer. But because the button pulses out a value sometimes I get the undesired result (a double or triple or quadruple toggle)

Have just tried monoflop, it doesn’t help. I am using toggle switches.

Tried s&h but it does the same.

Thanks for the reply.


Hi if when it,s on get this 0101010 and off 1010101 i guess you can just grab the first number , not sure how but seem very posible , may be this gives you another idea , cheers

stulloydmidi.v4p (5.2 kB)

sounds like you need TogEdge (Animation) for debouncing.

one of the most overseen but necessary nodes.


That works! Thankyou both Kalle and Colorsound!

Constantly and pleasantly surprised by the speed and quality of answers on this forum.

Goes without saying that I am lovvvving this vvvvery great soft.

Will post my Video Mincer on my userpage soon, Am roadtesting it at an event at the weekend cant wait!

Thanks again and keep up the good work.