Midi latency issue, a question for devs

hi ! i was wondering why i have so many latency when using midi nodes.
sliders from io boxes are moving with a great damper effect.
especially when there begin to be some good shadering work in the patch.

is there any patching method/trick to avoid this ?

or should i try to developp a plugin to have a raw stand alone on its own timer midi entry that is not dampered or delayed ? ( ?? )

your sympatic opinion is really needed ;-)

try to set the buffer size of the midi input to 0.
it can also be slow, when your framerate is low…

hi tonfilm, but its occurs too much time and buffersize is never the same depending of what is loaded in mem and processed…
is there anyway to set priority in the call of fuctions ? or set a diffrent refresh rate, or call something like a timer ?

the ‘buffersize’ is what you set it at the pin, it does not change, so whats the value there? if its set to 0 you will get the last sampled value of the controller.

for me it sounds like your patch is quite slow… so i would try to improve the performance. maybe reduce the video resolution, for the most tracking tasks 320x240 is sufficient. if the camera slows down your patch, then set the ‘wait for frame’ pin to 0… does this help?

ok… i understand about buffersize…
i supposed that by reducing it i may miss some incoming signals ?

i set always my mainloop at 25fps foreground.
and its possible i m bad patching:
i mean i never having so much latency with my own software for midi handling, wich is based on midishare.

this latency occurs on every project when there is more than one or two patch and more than 2 or 3 renderers around.

video is processed more than very correctly, so why would be midi latenced ? …

by the way tonfilm, your snapshot serie with fluidsolver and showing painting as fractal makes me ask you a question: how do you feed fluidsolver with a kind of patern ?