Midi keyboard doesn't work

hello out there

i’ve got a problem connecting (usb) midi keyboards to vvvv.
i tried to different types, both working in windows perfectly. my midi monitor (midi-ox) shows the channel on which they send, and the exact datatypes, but vvvv don’t give me any numbers in the attached patch. i also tried some alternative patches from other users, all working fine on their systems.

newest drivers for both keyboards installed, all channels tried (even if midi-ox should show me the correct one)

somebody got an idea?

greetings from salzburg,

controller_.v4p (2.0 kB)

did u test nearby channels ? vvvv uses 0-15 instead 1-16.

if you like to see the midi notes from a keyboard, you have to use MidiNote(Devices)…

I tested nearby channels (in fact i tested ALL channels :) and also the MidiNote node…

some ideas left?
wanna buy a (not very cheap) slider controller and would appreciate if the keyboard would work before :)

Your patch works fine here?

Only thing that I can think of is that the midi devices were setup while vvvv was running, could try having them working then start vvvv after?(no doubt youve tried this already)


Does your MIDIdevice show up at the MIDI-Input-Port-pin of the MidiController (Devices) -node?
I can imagine that you need a tool like MidiOX for redirecting when using your devices via USB

“I can imagine that you need a tool like MidiOX for redirecting when using your devices via USB”
I have tried several midi usb interface and they all show up as a classic midi device , that should´nt be the problem.

Yes, the device is shown correctly at the Input-Pin!
What do you mean with “redirecting”? As mentioned, MidiOX shows the correct Channels etc… but I didn’t find anything like a redirect button.

By the way: I tried the “M-Audio Oxygen 8” and a “Evolution” Midi Keyboard.

just because there was no mention of this before:
can you confirm you are not running MIDIOX or any other program which might open your MIDI ports while youre trying to receive MIDI data from within vvvv? MIDI ports are not shared between applications - the first application opening it will have it.

we are using MIDI all the time with many different interfaces and never really had any problems.