Midi hold signal - toggle button


I’ve mapped my Korg Kontrol with my vvvv setup. I’d like to control toggle buttons with korg nano button, but I want to change its behavior so that it would stay active if I release the button. Currently toggle turns on only when I hold it…

How is it possible to achieve that - to detect the signal and toggle the button when the signal is changed?

Thanks for help

TogEdge (Animation)
Toggle (Animation)

How can I use the mentioned nodes to get the desired behavior?

Togedge will see if the signal coming from the device is
upward 0 to 1
Or downward 1 to 0

You connect this output to the toggle node

i´ve seen a nice trick:
just physically try to push the button of your nano kontrol underneath its plastic cover. first push the button down and then, while still having it pushed down, shift it upwards a bit, so it gets stack.

it works.

@aievanhoe I do that too, works pretty well on the nanocontrol, not sure about the new version though.

made a little example patch if not using the physical button hack.


MIDIToggle.v4p (5.4 kB)

In the Korg software you can set the behaviour of the buttons, also to toggle, if I remember correctly. That way you get a nice LED indicator as well ;)

Some buttons are not fully editable thought i remember well this awfull kbd