MIDI example?

I’m trying to hook up a MIDI device (a tenori-on) to vvvv to see what I can do with it, however I am new to both MIDI and vvvv. MIDI is generally working okay on my system – I can get input from MIDI-OX and from proMIDI in Processing.

I’m able to create a MidiClock and see its value and measure change, but I’m unable to get any output out of MidiController or MidiNote. In both cases I have them enabled, set to the right port, with controller set to 0 and channel set to 0. I see signal coming in through MIDI-OX on channel 1, so I think that’s right. I have IOBoxes tied to the output pins on both, but they never get new values when notes play.

What am I doing wrong? Does anyone have an example of a simple MIDI project I could look at? Thanks!

hi endquote. here is a basic sample patch for a controller listener.

a few things:
the midicontroler will only listen to Ctrl Change type messages.
the midinote will only listen to Key On type messages.
you need also to select wich hardware or virtual midi port to listen (right en pin)

this is very important to know that there seems not to be any global listener inside vvvv, where you could have the global midi in ( or am i wrong ?) with all the signals from all the type.

what is important to know :

a hooked midi device cant be listened at the same time by two apps. you cant have midi ox listening to the hardware and vvvv listening to it also.

you need a midi splitter named midi yoke, that is ( youpee ) part of mid ox.
so if you want to monitor your IN signal from midi Ox, you take the hook on the device, and you cant normally get it in vvvv.
You need to route the output in midi OX to a Midi Yoke port. This is this midi port you need to listen in vvvv.

but routing from midi ox may cause some troubles ( i have a right outputed signal ? …). look at this thread and download the test program in : [29.06.08 13:55 ](at this thread ](http://www.vvvv.org/tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=20113&topics_threshold=0&topics_offset=20&topics_sort_mode=lastPost_desc&topics_find=&forumId=7) and download the test program in : [29.06.08 13:55 ) . i m giving a more detailled HOW TO few lines after.
just connect you midi ox out to a midi yoke port.
connect test_midishare.exe to this midi yoke port, to know if you are really sending from midi-ox a signal.
after, you know what you send from your hardware and you can put your listener node as needed.
you can also use this app conneted directly to your hardware, but its only monitoring, not sending back the signal.

i think it could be great to have a midi monitor in vvvv … devvvvs ??? ;-))))

hope this post was usefull ;-)


MIDISAMPLE.v4p (4.1 kB)

Hi karistouf – thanks very much for your reply.

I understand that perhaps MIDI-XO is taking the input away from vvvv. However it is strange that vvvv MidiClock still works, even if MIDI-XO is running, though the other modules do not. I tried playing with MidiNote again without MIDI-XO running, but had the same result, nothing on the output pin.

I also tried your patch, with the controller and channel set to 0, and no MIDI-XO, and still nothing on the MidiController output.

Surely I’m doing something wrong…

endquote, controller must be > to 0.
try perhaps a “sherlock holmes attitude”, step by step ;-).
if you have signal in midi ox its great.
please notice that pluguing unpluguing a midi device need that vvvv is not running. the direct x runtime do not refresh itself on the hardware when running.

look in midi ox a slider, anything, wrote on a shit of paper the type of message, its midi channel and pitch.

close midi ox

run vvvv

select midicontrol node, select your hardware in right pin.

enable then your node. choose the midi channel ( + 1 - 1 must be tried) and the pitch of the controller ( controller). try also a + 1 -1, who knows.

if you have it in midi ox, you will have it in vvvv