MIDI don't work

Hi, I think it could be a bug…
my MIDI controller Edirol works in all programs except VVVV. I’ve tested it with PD and MIDI-OX - it works fine, but in VVVV I see controller, but gets no data…

I am using Vista 32b, does it need some extra setup? I am desperated…shure some Vista problem…

thx MM

Hi oxiw , i suggest you try with a virtual midi driver , and try with this patch , then if everything works just change the port . take into account that you propably have to map the value in vvvv ,from 0 to 1 instead of 0 to 127 or viceversa . good luck

MIDI_IN_OUT.v4p (24.4 kB)

Hi, I still dont know where is problem, but it started to work after I connected it with USB instead of MIDI cable through external sound card…other progs works, nevermind…
However thanks a lot…m

just try this technic to pass midi signal from
my BCR2000(usb device) to midi-OX
and i notice that the midi signal is lagging
and have some delay (seems ok when monitoring in vvvv
before the midiShortOut device

i use this to control live…
but the direct connection : BCR2000->Midiox->Live seems a better
solution to have fast response for controllers than:
BCR2000->VVVV->Midiox->Live wich is working but not very accuratly

anyone can confirm this?

mistake …

in fact it’s working when sending/passing through midi cc’s from vvvv …
perhaps lagging a bit for a whole 128 midi cc’s spread on the 16 midi chanels!!?

just have to adjust the buffer lenght parameter of MidiController(devices) for incoming midi CC’s to speed up/down
the midi data flow…
that’s it…


try with this patch

Colorsound, thank you for the incredibly useful patch. This helps a lot! I took the liberty of adding it to the MIDI FAQ page.

This would be great as the help patch for MidiControler, does anyone know how to go about adding that?


those happens also with midi yoke only.
recommended: in set up parameteres of midi-yoke in windows, choose one or two ports ( depend of your needs) and not 8. it will help to have less lagging with midi.

there is a wiki page called MidiController (Devices) which is supposed to contain this kind of info. But the HowTo MIDI page is an even better idea for informations which relate to all MIDI nodes.

For adding/improving help patches we have still the helppatchaward going on. This is the official place to post improved help patches. All of the nice book prices are still available, so its still time to post improved help patches there!