Midi Controller

I Have A Midi Controller (Ozone 25 keys) …

i want to start drawing something with it , let say a point … then applied what i learn to “play” with textures and music response on a video .

i don´t really know where to start , i download an example from modules but it doesn´t work .

F1 help is not available for some midi topics .

i wanna start to draw with the 8 “controller knobs” and with time make something in real time .

can someone please tell me where do i start ? what should i do ? i need an specific library ? Etc …

one of the idea of all this is because i´m tired of download videos from other people and make them fit with my music . i want to start my own stuff …

sorry for my english . greetings from México .

Thanks again for your time and all hepl is appreciate …

hum sounds you didnt get until now your signal ? user kalle has fot many great modules, and of course on midi.
but you may have also use of those … hope you have plenty of sun therefore in mexico

korg_nano_key_midi_in.v4p (28.4 kB)

and about controllers

midi_in_BCF2000.v4p (10.7 kB)

maybe the Sniffer (MIDI ControlChange) helps you to find the right controllers. you find it at kalle.Modules.MIDI

isnt it BEAUTIFULL ???

Hi marioquiroga:

I made M-AudioOzone (Devices).