Midi controller

hi there.
i`m planning to by a midi controller.
have to choose now between the UC-33 from m-audio and the Bitstream 3x from wave-idea.
has anybody experience with the bitstream 3x and using it with vvvv?
is the money worth it?
Would be great to get response,thanks

any midi-ctrlr should work with vvvv.

IMHO I would prefer the clean UI of the UC-33
and it has lots more knobs to play with.

with increasing knowledge about vvvv you will see that you only need the pure hardware features of such a device.
software features like curves, timer, lfo, whatever can be made custom and comfortable within vvvv.
software features of the device itself only complicate making good receiver patches.

take my poetic advice:
go MAX knobs for MIN price.

did you have a look at
32 rotary encoders for 165 euro in germany

with 8 rotarys and 8 motorized faders?

i think you find some patches for these devices on the wiki around here.

Another MIDI controller to throw into discussion:

Although it is pretty expensive I have choosen und successfully used the Kenton Killamix Mini for some projects.

I like its clean look that differs a lot from the plastic-look of most other controllers (it does not feel as solid as it looks like on the kenton-page … but still a nice device)

As you are able to select 9 MIDI channels by pressing the rotary controllers (or 18 by pressing two of them) you are able to access 81 (or 144) knobs with this compact unit.


I am using a Novation Remote Zero SL (~300€) for my VJing and vvvv work, and so far I am really satisfied. Does all I need, has lots of different controls (encoders, pots, trigger pads, faders and buttons) and it has nice LCD you can customize to label your controls individually…reallly practical in a dark club ;-)

I have written a module to interface vvvv with the Novation: Link.
Maybe in the future it will even feed back values to the controller…for now, it’s just getting MIDI data from the controller…