MIDI controller to Mouse Click

I want to emulate mouse click using my midi controller. Is it possible with VVVV?

What I want to achieve is that when I click a button on my controller (which sends a note say c3)then on active window, it should send the mouse cursor to a specific location (say x:35, y:325) and do a left click. Actual mouse movement is not a requirement, just click at specific coordinates is required.
On Midi.Channel3.C3 goto x:35, y:325 and left button click
on Midi.Channel3.C#3 goto x:135, y 325 and left button click.

In short I want to control mouse clicks with midi controller. Any help? any sample script or direction I should be looking. I am coming from GlovePIE(which is not accepting my midi input, dont know why).

Windows 8, 64 bit.

Check out the curser node, but be carefully it fully controls your mouse!
Hook up the enable to a tog edge…

What it means by ‘can completly take over my mouse’? Does that mean I will not be able to control it again using my USB mouse till my vvvv program runs?

It would be great if you can explain me how to exactly do that as I am a newbie to vvvv. Please help!

Do you really want something else to take control of your cursor? However, Incase if you let your cursor get possessed by midi control or any paranormal thing… you may set a switch to get the control with a keyboard action/middle mouse/right click or anything which suits your case. Attached is a simple patch for your understanding where right click will toggle the control.

possessed.v4p (2.5 kB)