Midi controller doesn't function

Hi VVVV user

i try to use midi-controller with VVVV, and [midi controller] node shows name of device but it doesn’t function. how can i get numbers from midi controller?

my device is UC-33.
and already checked with mixi-ox to get some numbers when i move slider of uc-33. however no any numbers on VVVV when i use [midi-controller]…

thanks in advance. K.Taki

hey takiscope,

could you show us what you’ve already done?

also, did you have a look at the patches located in girlpower\IO\Midi?


hi sebescudie,

thanks. i connected USB-midi device(uc-33) and open VVVV to put [midi controller] node and IObox(num). and select midi device and change [channel] and [controller] number but nothing happen.

I used to use same device with [midi controller] several years ago, but this time it doesn’t function.
and i opened patches under “gilrpower/IO/midi” but controller doesn’t react when i change device.
do i have to do anything???

make sure not other program is using the device, a midi port can only be open in one program.

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