Midi+Audio Reactive Visuals

Ok, so I’m pretty new to vvvv so what I’m trying to do might be somewhat ambitious, but it’s the only reason I wanted to use vvvv in the first place, so please bear with me…
For this experiment, I took a short song I wrote with five monophonic parts, and exported both a .wav file and a .mid for each part (for a total of ten files). Now what I’d like to do in vvvv is have five objects in a renderer, each of which respond to the audio of one of the parts (like an oscilloscope perhaps) and also move (probably up and down) to the note values from the midi. So each of the five objects is being affected by both audio data and midi note data independently.
I managed to get the audio streaming from filestream, and I got the midi out to play the notes with a piano sound which didn’t help me at all, and that’s when I realized that I’ll need a lot of help to do this…
Could anybody send me a patch that demonstrates how to get basic values from streaming midi note data, and also how to create objects which react to streaming audio like an oscilloscope, or bars, or spectrogram or something like that? I would really appreciate it. I’ll follow pretty much any lead at this point. I’d really like to get better at this so that I can make reactive music videos for the music I write.

OR, if you’re up for a collaboration, and you think it would be easier to just build this patch yourself and post it up here, that would be even more awesome. But I don’t want to ask too much of you…

here for the audio part

sound-eq.v4p (16.1 kB)

this is for the midi part, not really sure if it is the right way… but it should work.
you need to get midi yoke to use a loopback device from the midiout to the midinote

midi-eq.v4p (15.7 kB)

Have a look at this one I made from podging together various sketches including the move your camera sketch from girl power. Should do what you want or at least give you a better idea.

video of what it does above. :)

3dbboxes.v4p (40.1 kB)

Thank you! Those are very helpful. I got the sound-eq one to work wonderfully, but I’m still having trouble with the midi-eq one. I installed MIDI Yoke, and I (think I) connected the MidiOut to MidiNote via MIDI Yoke: 1, and I loaded up a midi file and hit play, but it doesn’t appear to be doing anything. Can anyone tell me what I’m missing?

Does anybody know of a small patch that does nothing other than output basic incremental values corresponding to midi note data from a streaming midi file?