Middleclick on DX11 Group Layer Out

this has been around forever, just figured I’d report it now.
There’s this well kept secret feature of creating Group+Renderer by middle clicking on the layer outs of i.e. a Quad and Group node … in EX9 this works as expected, in DX11 it tries to create a node of name “Renderer (DX11.Layer)” which is not available.
I hope this is only a matter of changing a literal somewhere in the code.
Would love to see this fixed in 35.7!

Makes me think about something else : when you middle-clic the Layers input pin of Renderer (EX9), it creates and connect a Group. On DX11, the Group node is created but not linked :)

thanks for the reminder. both fixed!


VVVV.DX11.DX11Layer now works, confirmed …
If such Layer is exposed from a module using an IOBox, the supported type becomes “DX11Ressource<FeralTic.DX11.Resources.DX11Texture2D>, IDX11ResourceDataProvider, IDX11ResourceDataSink…” and therefore breaks the feature.
IOBox doesn’t keep the type no more since the “any type ok” change.

edit: problem is “Layer Out” pinname instead of “Layer”, so the remaining issue isn’t related to the exposed type …

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