Microsoft Surface with Windows RT

I think everyone heard about the new Microsoft Surface. I look at it from the perspective as Interaction Designer and think there are a lot of new possibilities to develop prototypes in my favourite creative developing environment VVVV on a tablet with the native platform (Windows).

I read Windows RT. So my question: Is it possible to run VVVV on these devices? Would be great to prototype with! Developing Ideas, use the multitouch Gestures, make small interactive Apps …

If my question is dumb then sorry, but I would like to know it :) …

greetz from Stuttgart

I read some shouts but wanted to start a thread about!

Hello roman,

Just found this in an article “Windows 8 on ARM will not be able to run legacy Windows applications but applications on the Microsoft Marketplace can be installed into any Windows Phone 7+ device, Windows 8 desktop, and Windows 8 tablet.”

but with the evolution of windows phone and tablet i wish there is windows OSC controller.

I think that at this very point it may be easier to port vvvv to OpenGL than to whatever is availableo on Windows 8 RT

you will be able to run vvvv on the intel version of the tablet. It seems that they are just a really cool version of the current windows tablets and run windows 8. I have successfully run vvvv in windows 8 on my acer intel tablet

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but there’s an (even better) intel version, too. that one should run v4.

Would be great to not just control from the device. Would be even better to get Content on a tablet and control from there other Screens…or tablets. So @ sunep: Which Device do you use? And does it behave lika a PC?

@roman_g I have an acer w500 windows tablet where I have installed windows8 both developer and consumer preview.

win7 is really bad on a tablet, but really cool w. win8

the metro style is directX,so my guess is that should be running vvvv but not with opengl stuff unless running on surface pro,maybe i’m wrong.

@sunep: are you using the mutli-touch features of the acer w500 in vvvv? I tried it with tuio2touch under w7, but no success (forum:multi-touch-node-request#comment-84119. Would be great if you could share your experience.

Hi tom

I never really got the multi touch working well. It started this thread: and the problem still persist.

And there is the problem and my hope of the native windows platform. How should we prototype if we can’t us the multitouch Gestures. So maybe we get more opportunities with the Windows tablet.

As experience and needs grow, i found myself sometime short of screen estate on fullHD displays.
So my question is: how will it be (if any) the vvvv programming experience on a tablet ?
Master render backdrop will be a must (see Touch Designer)
Also, alway on my fullHD 15 inches laptop sometime hitting the pins has become a little bit tricky (before I had 1440x900 always 15 inches) so I expect that if a vvvv version for W8 something should be done in this regard, otherwise an extensive use of zooming will be needed (see Touch Designer again)
What would be really cool would be programming o a big multi touch table like surface, that would enable multi user patching… (vvvv orgy)

My intention is different. I would like to create patches for prototyping aspects. This means to be a ble to use multitouch Gestures and all the other features to show my ideas. This means not to patch on these devices. Maybe there is a possibility to use an extern Screen for development. But it would be great to create applications in Vvvv -because it is amazingly fast in showing your ideas.

I think roman_g´s intention is to use Microsofts Surface like an “external monitor.” Well it isn´t exactly an external monitor since there are no cables and with vvvv installed on it you can run your patches directly on the device.
Patching would be done on your laptop or desktop PC.
Now this would get really interesting the moment you can use the Surface´s possibilities to detect multitouch gestures… :)

Any ideas, arguments or opinions? Maybe from the devvvvs? Or do we simply have to wait until the Surface hits our stores ;) ?


This might be helpful:

There is a surface pro coming out soon, that runs normal windows applications on it. It also has a mini display port, so you can connect it to a external monitor.

There are also a lot of other new tablets coming out that allow this. Like the lenovo Think pad tablet.

I agree with Roman, it would be so awesome to run VVVV patches on a tablet. Just imagine the possibilities! :)