Microphone input problem with AudioIn (BassAsio)


I am trying to get the input of my laptops microphone input channel with VUX Bass-Asio Plugin, but it doesn’t work.
The Plugin seems to work allright with FileStreams, but i can’t get the live input from my soundcard. I connected a FFT and RMS to the AudioIn (BassAsio) Node, but they show no reaction. What can I do to read out the input values from my microphone with BassAsio or is it impossible?

(AudioIn (DShow9) + FFT = works fine)

Thanks for your help.


Hi monoflop

You have already installed the all4asio?
if it is not the case here is a link, preferably installed version 2.8


for standard laptop sound card make sure that the channel index pin is set to 0 and the channel count pin is set to 2.

No. I forgot to install all4asio.

Now the input works fine.

Thank you haythemblue & vux