Microdevil multiple rays

how to deal with the ray index from microdevil for multiple points intersection ?
project 2d to 3d.zip (531.6 KB)

in mp.dx there’s a much more usable module with proper help patch doing the same thing. (Hittest (DX11.Geometry))

please read help patch, it should be sufficient to understand how to use it.

looked into Hittest, but on latest manual* download of md.ecosystem

Release 3.1.31 · microdee/mp.essentials · GitHub
Release 3.1.17 · microdee/mp.dx · GitHub
Release NODE17 Release · velcrome/vvvv-Message · GitHub

  • dynamicbuffer pin cant load from dx11utils.dll
  • preprocessoptions is missing
  • gettype is missing

*latest vpm (1.3.7) asks to be registered, says ‘at your service’ and turns off

did you use this link? https://vvvvpm.github.io/#mp.dx/github.latest

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thanks for pointing out Hittest, now it works for my case of multiple mouses

did you use this link? https://vvvvpm.github.io/#mp.dx/github.latest

a user looking to update md.ecosystem won’t see the vital link to vvvvpm on yhe ecosystem contribution page

only mention of that link is -in hindsight- a footnote to the vpm contribution,
which is supposed to be installed already, so not really in the way, except for the first use

maybe vpm.bat could conviniently open a browser window to vvvvpm

cheers !

thanks for pointing out, I’ll update the links there

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