I came across the micro:bit, would like to share what it can do - could be really cool in vvvv!

It’s made for education, so everything about the workflow is made to be as easy as possible - you code for it in an online editor, and to put your program onto it you simply drag+drop it like a USB drive. Also the library is made to be as accessible as possible.

It’s made by the BBC with the intention to make teaching cs easier - they gave away 1 million of them to UK students (every year 7 student in england and wales got one!), singapore said they would give 100000 of them to students, other countries buying them for their schools as well.

Think of this as an arduino with sensors already on board. It has a 5x5 led matrix, acceleration sensors, a compass, a bluetooth+radio module and buttons (I’m sure I forgot something).

It comes with a firmware that allows you to code for it in Javascript (and a MS version of Scratch which boils down to js) and Micropython (a python version for microcontrollers). It is Arduino compatible, so you can use it with Firmata + vvvv (although I haven’t tried that, and don’t know how you would talk to the onboard sensors!).

If you build something with it using vvvv, I’d love to know! I’m doing a project with the microbit foundation right now, and I think it’d be really cool to make it accessible in vvvv.

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