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so as many here I am using a Logitech Performance MX mouse. It is a good mouse but not an excellent mouse as its price tag should deliver.

  • long lasting battery charge
  • works on many weird surfaces (but see the BAD list)
  • big nice to handle
  • many buttons and whatsnot (which I never use)
  • does NOT work on common surface such as simple din A4 paper
  • center click is a mess
  • damn expesive

Sometime I pick up an old G400 mouse which has been a trysty companion for 10 yeras or so and it still feels great, the clicking experience is far superior than the Performance
On my day to day work I use the performance but when I go to a gig I pick up a normal cheap 3 buttons corded mouse to be on the safe side.

Is Logitech steering away from good working class mice to fancy carefully designed outer shell with lower working value?

I am planning to buy something new mouse, what are you using out there?


I had some good experience with R.A.T. 5. Its not very durable, but accurate and the red aim button allows to lower sensitivity on the fly. This can be really useful for placing objects.

At home I use good old Logitech RX250. Nothing fancy, but durable.

I second the G400, which I’ve had for the past 7 years or so. What exactly makes it not usable for gigs? I’ve never had any problems really (win/mac/linux) with it.

I have a G9X for home and gaming… on the go i have a microsoft Arc Touch Mouse:

The arc Touch mouse is in a way perfect for travel. Its battery lasts ages and can be replaced. (AAA) It can be flattened and fits in every bag. The best part is: It works on 99% of surfaces where other mice might need a mouse pad.

The only thing that sucks big time is that it has this “touch” 3rd mousebutton. Scrolling works very well but you have to perfectly hit the touch strip center to achive a “middle click” which is something you will really hate using VVVV.

Yeah what i meant a cheap mouse I meant the g400 or any logitech cheap mouse, i mean it is kinda weird to use a top of the line mouse for everyday work and then one prefers the old trusty g400 for a gig… can t we have a nice simple effective mouse, wireless and working anywhere? The MX is almost 100 euros worth, you can buy a tablet with that money… once I bought a BT logitech mouse (similar to g400 but BT) and the battery didn t last even a day…

I own a razor deathadder, but I like my cheap Logitech M500 best. It does work on paper. Brave new world.
Would always choose ergonomics over weight savings…
Unless u go hiking

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