Metallica for dx11

is somebody willing to port/share Metallica(dx11) ?
there is the vector field texture fx but the result is different (see attach)

Metallica vs (441.9 kB)

bump on this ,
if needed, there is a budget for the transition :


thank you for the upload;
the issue from the first post is however still there

metallica (904.5 kB)

In DX9 the negative colors are renderered as visible pixels, but in DX11 not, try to use preview texture instead of constant+rendererer and see the difference.

preview is rendering the same as render+constant

does it mean abs of the rg values?

ok diff seems to be because dx9 texture lod sampling was different (was starting from 1)
also this effect must have mipmaps to work, so added a pass to re-render tex (same is done in dx9 module) (1.1 kB)

@unc why not add here as a new revision: metallica

thank you unc for the update !