'Metadata file could not be found'

Hi all,

I’m porting a .dll that I made for using the xbox controller in vvvv to the new dynamic plugins structure, but I’m stuck just starting out. I can add the reference to slimDX (I have it in the GAC, so that part is pretty straightforward), however the code editor keeps throwing me this error:

Metadata file ‘SlimDX.dll’ could not be found

Any ideas?

does the ‘Template (EX9.Geometry)’ work? it uses slimdx. try cloning it and start from there.

but to solve your issue, it would be helpful if you could zip the folder containing your plugin and post it here so i can have a look at it to see what’s going wrong.

Actually, I think that posting the file itself is not going to be useful - I cannot save the plugin once I put the reference in, as it flags the error.

However, the problem is more academic now, just tried staring from EX9.Geometry, replaced the guts and it is working without problems.

Thanks, Elias.

you can’t save once you put the reference in? do you get a nasty popup window or does the error appear below the code in the error view?

I just get the error below, no nastiness this time; however, when I try to save, the * stays on the name.

I’m attaching the plugin folder, just after I added the process.

Strangely, the route of starting from a EX9.Geometry is working perfectly, and since I’m just about to finish, I am not going to start wondering why.

Again, thanks!

ValueTemplateReferenceTest.rar (6.3 kB)

this might be the following known issue: the shortcut ctrl+s is a bit weak on the editor. make sure to press ctrl first, then press s, release s and only then release ctrl. does that help?