Message system for gamma

Hi, since nice circles example i was wondering if anyone wants to propose a solution for an Message system in VL, since this is quite common case to run something somewhere when something happens the workflow for C# looks like so:

Let’s say we have some message class with some random properties:

public sealed class LoginCompletedMessage {
    public string username { get; set; }

now we can have a delegate subscriber in some random spot in our app:

Messenger.Default.Register<LoginCompletedMessage>(this, (r, m) =>
    // Handle the message here...

and obviously we have some operation to send this message:

Messenger.Default.Send(new LoginCompletedMessage() {username: "antokhio"});






I use MVVM toolkit a lot including the Messaging. I didn’t try but I believe you could import it as a library in Gamma. Or you could use Send and Receive node and create your own naming/type protocol which would do almost the same probably.

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