Meshs spread

First of all I want to express admiration for the idea spreads, it is very convenient. But. I would like to create spreads of mehs (or different EX9 geometry) with different coords of vertices, I tried to do it with io box (node), but to no avail. Please tell me whether it is possible to implement it, or I have to be limited to transformations and colors, that can be Spreaded?

Hi arturmihel,
Have you had a look at the helppatch of mesh-(ex9.geometry-join)?

if you want to create a spread of meshes you gotta use Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join Subsets) or the dx11 equivalent. the regular can only create a single mesh

Thanks for the answer. That made ​​a small example of spreaded mesh. Gets Slimmer, if anyone knows how easy - show.

MeshSpread.rar (7.2 kB)